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The planet Earth is struggling to accommodate the ever-growing demands of the human population, addressing the needs of endangered species of plants and animals while trying to withstand the impact of global climate change on environments around the world; from the oceans to the mountains; from the deserts to the tropical forests.

Sunland Specialties believes every person and every business has an obligation to do what they can to minimize their impact on the environment and utilize Earth's resources wisely. We are always looking for ways to improve upon, and add to, the environmental initiatives we employ every day to "do our part" in preserving the planet, preserving the wilderness, wild life and parks that are the backbone of the outdoor recreation experience and the world in which we live.

PAPER — As we all know, paper comes from trees and trees provide oxygen for all living creatures, plus they help counteract the effects of climate change and global warming; so the fewer trees we cut down the better off the planet and its inhabitants will be. Sunland Specialties works hard to utilize its paper products wisely. From little initiatives such as flipping over paper and copying on the back side, to reusing obsolete forms and "waste' paper for scratch pads. When we have to use new paper, we use only paper from managed forests that utilize renewable forest practices.

NEWSPAPER — At Sunland Specialties; we are diligent about collecting newspapers and utilizing them for packing materials. This allows the paper to be utilized for a secondary purpose and eliminates the demand for petroleum based packing materials such as Styrofoam popcorn or peanuts and bubble wrap. And, the newspaper can ultimately be recycled once it has served its purpose as a packing material.

CARDBOARD BOXES — Sunland Specialties reuses cardboard boxes in many different ways. Whenever possible, good solid sturdy boxes received from the Company's suppliers are reused to pack shipments for our customers; many of you may have noticed your products being shipped in previously used boxes and we appreciate your understanding of our purpose for doing so. When boxes cannot be reused; they are cut down and used for packing materials. Smaller boxes are utilized for protecting fragile products and as filler to provide support inside shipping boxes. And as the flaps are cut off boxes stored in our warehouse, the flaps are saved and used as packing materials.

PALLETS — When product is received from the Company's suppliers on wooden pallets; the pallets are retrieved by vendors that recycle the pallets into reusable pallets or reprocessed wood products.

ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY PRODUCTS — Sunland Specialties is proud to offer products that are friendly for the environment and still functionally practical for campers; such as biodegradable toilet tissue and holding tank chemicals with both enzyme and bacterial based active dissolving ingredients.

Sunland Specialties is constantly seeking out new ways to minimize our impact on the environment; and welcome suggestions for ways to recycle and reuse the products we utilize every day. If you have a suggestion you believe we can benefit from; please e-mail your comment to info@sunlandspecialties.com. We thank you for helping us be more environmentally friendly!


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