The objective of Sunland Specialties is to encourage people, of all ages, to enjoy outdoor recreation experiences and provide these people with the products to enhance that experience.

To achieve this objective, Sunland Specialties carefully selects products that campers will find useful, fun and convenient. Providing “high demand” products; that sell well and turn over quickly, keeps the Company’s interests closely aligned with our customers; the general stores located in RV resorts and campgrounds.

Sunland Specialties purchases its products direct from the manufacturers; to secure the best possible pricing and to have a direct communication link regarding product quality. The Company then distributes its products exclusively to general stores located in RV Resorts and Campgrounds throughout North America.



  • One-Stop Shopping — The staff of the general store has many responsibilities and their time is limited; why burden them with searching for hundreds of products from dozens of vendors when Sunland Specialties provides all of the products in a single purchase; delivered right to your store!
  • No Minimums — We understand how important it is to keep the shelves of your store well stocked; so Sunland Specialties has never set “order dollar” or “order quantity” minimums. If you need just one item; we’ll ship you just one item.
  • Shipping Savings — We understand it is important for our general store customers to keep their shipping costs at the absolute minimum; so Sunland Specialties reuses boxes whenever possible, consolidates shipments into the fewest number of boxes, utilizes “ground shipping” services and most important; we offer tiered freight discounts beginning at just $250; and FREE SHIPPING with orders in excess of $900!
  • Timely Order Processing — We understand when our customers need products, they need them NOW! Sunland Specialties processes all orders within 24 hours of receiving them.
  • Several Ordering Methods — Sunland Specialties offers three convenient methods of placing orders; for customers who prefer automated interaction, we offer a web site that features complete online ordering at www.sunlandspecialties.com; or an order form can either be downloaded from the web site; or copied from the hard copy catalog, then completed at the customer’s leisure and faxed to (909) 608-7745. Of course we always love hearing from our customers; so if you enjoy placing your order over the telephone, you are welcome to call us on our toll free number (866) 680-3711.
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction — We understand products get damaged during shipping and sometimes campers return products that don’t work properly. Sunland Specialties will cheerfully replace damaged or defective products with the objective of insuring every general store customer; and every camper, is 100% satisfied with the products they purchase from Sunland Specialties. We have been passionately serving the camping industry for more than 30 years. We love our general store customers and the campers they serve. To all of our existing customers; we appreciate your trusted support and thank you for your continued business. To all of our prospective customers; we look forward to serving your general store needs and welcoming you to the family of Sunland Specialties satisfied partners.